Long / Short Code

A long code number is a standard telephone number used to send and get voice calls and SMS messages. Telephone numbers are normally called "long codes" (10-digit numbers in numerous nations) when contrasting them and SMS short codes (5-6 digit numbers).

Long SMS Service Vs Short Code SMS Service, Read The Differences:

  • There are couple of contrasts between Long code and Short code sms informing service.
  • Long codes suppliers are less expensive and quicker to actualize .
  • Prominent catchphrases are constantly accessible for long code .

Long Code SMS Services also, called a devoted telephone number or vast number or virtual versatile number, is the gathering component utilized by business to get voice calls and SMS Messages. Ease and International openness make the best answer for Big crusade that are gives Long Code SMS in India.

Short codes, or short numbers, are short digit groupings, fundamentally shorter than phone numbers, that are utilized to address messages in the Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) and short message benefit (SMS) frameworks of portable system administrators. Not with standing informing, they might be utilized as a part of truncated dialing.

Another preferred standpoint of long code is that it permits 2-way correspondence, enabling gathering of people to answer to the message got in way.

Bulk SMS

Bulk Messaging is the spread of huge quantities of SMS messages for conveyance to cell phone terminals. It is utilized by media organizations, undertakings, banks (for showcasing and extortion control) and customer brands for an assortment of purposes including excitement, venture and versatile marketing.

Today the application-to-individual SMS informing administrations have advanced to incorporate mass SMS informing close by the sending of single messages, (for example, one time passwords and conveyance warnings), intuitive informing, (for example, aggregate informing administrations), and approaching number administrations, (for example, portable promoting efforts, voting or data lines).

Before starting with the sending mass SMS messages take note of that you should follow the directions particular to your nation and the nation to which you are sending SMS messages.

The employments of mass SMS informing is constantly developing as new business or open advantage needs are recognized. From substantial scale organizations to little ventures, local gatherings to instructive foundations, mass SMS informing gives a practical answer for overseeing correspondences with little or expansive contact gatherings.

In This World of Communication and quick moving business through web and web it turns out to be extremely important to spare the ideal opportunity for showcasing and advancement of your items and business. So there is a simple answer for every one of the business visionaries to advance their new items over the market with the assistance of Bulk SMS Technology.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Technology:

Technology offers the accompanying item includes:

  • Effective technique for coordinate correspondence over every single cell arrange.
  • Send messages from your PC at home.
  • Easy to utilize online work area application.
  • Framework considers simple import of number records.
  • Full sent report under SMS history.
  • History log and pursuit.
  • Integration with leaving frameworks utilizing HTTP or web benefit interfaces.

Sim Hosting

SIM Hosting is a simple method to get SMS messages from your clients/customers to your Server or Database, through an association with our SMS passage. You can have your own SIM card or a common one facilitated to one of our GSM Server, in order to have the capacity to get SMS.

The SIM card's cell phone number will fill in as a committed telephone number of your SMS application. To utilize this administration, you can make Unlimited Keywords and Sub Keywords on this Dedicated Long Code Mobile Number, you Courier your SIM card to us. The SIM card will be put into one of our GSM Server, which is associated with our SMS passage. Our SMS portal will forward every message received to your picked course utilizing a specific convention/interface that suits best to your necessities; for instance HTTP, HTTPS, SMS to email, and so forth.

Utilizing a SIM card gave by you (we prescribe an agreement SIM), once got this is safely setup on our SIM facilitating equipment, which has multi-repetition worked in. Instant messages got are naturally and promptly come back to you.


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